29 January 2018 Christine URBANO Comments Off

Is selecting the right software to carry out your sensory tests and analyze the data no easy task? You might want to read this article: TimeSens is arguably the solution to all your problems.

TimeSens sensory analysis software was developed by the ChemoSens platform at Centre des Sciences du Goûtet de l’Alimentation, our long-term partner. TimeSens benefits from the experience and academic expertise of ChemoSens; it was created to implement the method known as Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS), which we presented recently in a previous issue of Focusing on…!

TimeSens will enable you to set up the entire range of new temporal sensory analysis protocols (multi-intake protocol, dynamic liking, TDL, T-CATA…). Yet, TimeSens is not only restricted to temporal methods, it offers a number of other innovative protocols, such as Flash Profile or PSP…

As for classic protocols, no need to worry. TimeSens will also make it easy for you to set up most of the classic sensory analysis protocols: QDA profile, hedonic scales, CATA, free sorting, napping, progressive profile, …

But there is a lot more to TimeSens than just statistical acquisition functions: you will enjoy its ability to handle a wide range of statistical processes, from the most classic to the most innovative like CVA or CAP table. And if you’d like to use the statistical functions of TimeSens with your own data sets, it’s quite easy. All you have to do is to import your data file (in *.csv, *.xlsx or*.txt format) and select the statistical analysis you want the software to perform. Using TimeSens for your statistical analyses is a snap!

TimeSens was developed with environmental considerations in mind, so it can be used anywhere in the world and on any device (computers, tablets, as well as smartphones). In order to participate in a tasting session, all your panelists need is an internet connection and a web browser. That’s it! And if no connection is available, TimeSens developers have foreseen all possible circumstances: the software can be installed directly on the panelists’ devices and used in off-line mode. Setting up home-based tests has never been so easy with TimeSens!

Summing up, if we were to list the top three advantages of TimeSens, we would mention:

-Highly diverse sensory analysis protocols

-Comprehensive statistical output

-Easy sensory data acquisition anywhere

Let us just add one more: user friendliness! So pay a visit to TimeSens on the web and learn more about it. In the meantime, we will be preparing our next issue of “Focusing on…”. Until next time!