3 April 2017 Christine URBANO Comments Off

Do you believe (and rightly so!) that an expert sensory panel represents a major strategic asset for developing your products and monitoring their quality? Do you want greater autonomy by putting in place this tool internally to verify the quality of your raw materials or finished products, or to help you formulate new recipes…

but feel hesitant about launching this idea? It is true that an “expert” panel requires a significant investment. Furthermore, the precise definition of objectives, the selection of panelists, their training…requires intense and time-consuming work to obtain a sensory panel that is efficient and sustainable. SensoStat is here to help!

One of our clients, for example, had no real experience in sensory analysis, and the person who was ultimately going to be responsible for the panel could not devote all his time to setting it up.

We simply assigned one of our engineers to work on site one day a week for several months. He was able to work in-house on two fronts: putting the panel in place and training the future panel leader. There were many tasks involved:

. properly defining the panel’s objectives,

. handling the session logistics,

. finding and arranging for a room to conduct sensory testing,

. informing plant staff on the benefits of creating a panel,

. selecting and training the panelists,

. defining a list of relevant descriptors,

. determining the acceptability criteria for ingredients and finished products…

. all the while training the future person in charge of sensory analysis.

After only a few months of partnership with SensoStat, sensory tests were routinely implemented by our client. These tests are now managed independently by our client, from the choice of sensory tests and implementation of planning to data processing and reporting.

Partnering with SensoStat therefore allows you to launch your sensory project under optimal conditions without losing time. The panel has operated for three years and is part of the routine quality control of our client’s largest plant. Now, we are assisting them in developing sensory panels at their other production sites and we remain attentive to the evolution of their needs in sensory methodologies.